The mini skirt "Wear it if you dare!" from the 1960s

The mini skirt was an icon of the swinging sixties and many believe Mary Quant was the designer behind the hugely popular trend but although she played a huge part in bringing it to the masses- there were many more people behind the rise of this new hem line , female first look at the story behind the mini skirt , Mary Quant is an icon of the 1960s and her Bazaar shop on Kings Road was the place to buy the latest swinging fashions , in 1965 Quant gave the world her mini skirt and fashion fans went crazy for the liberation of legs- however hem lines had already started to rise slowly for a few decades before , "Wear it if you dare!" , that was the challenge any fashionable sixties girl wasted no time embracing in 1965, when this iconic garment first hit the streets , before miniskirts, female knees and thighs were rarely seen away from the beach or the swimming pool

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