Elevate Your Soy Wisdom

Soy consumption is up 14 percent since 2011,26 yet confusion lingers over soy’s role in everything from human health to food production. To clear up misperceptions, the United Soybean Board (USB) busts five common soy myths with science-backed facts on SoyConnection.com/soy-wisdom.
1) Eating soy does not increase breast cancer risk.
Clinical studies show soy isoflavone exposure does not adversely affect breast tissue as assessed by markers of breast cancer risk, such as breast cell proliferation.1–7 The American Institute for Cancer Research and the American Cancer Society say that women who have been diagnosed with breast cancer can safely consume soyfoods. In fact, the World Cancer Research Fund International has identified a link between soy consumption and an improved survival of breast cancer patients.8-9
“Not only does evidence indicate soyfoods may benefit women with breast cancer, but consuming soy when young helps prevent the onset of this disease later in life27-30,” stated Mark Messina, Ph.D., who has dedicated the past 30 years to understanding the health effects of soyfoods.
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