Ultimate Legends (original song)

This is an original song that I wrote and composed myself. Song was composed on Garageband and vocals were created with Voloco. I provide all the vocals. This song was originally written in 2011. I came up with the idea for this song in 2010.

When I was young, I wondered what my life had in store.
But I never thought my future would be at my front door.
And now my life is changing right before my very eyes.
I don't know how, but it's a very big surprise.

I've been looking at myself and wondering why I'm here.
But never did I think I'd see my future in my mirror.
And now, all of a sudden, I am out to save the world.
And with you by my side, a brighter destiny will be unfurled.

Chorus 1:
We'll all stand together!
We'll change the world forever
and change lives for the better!
We won't give up until the very end!
And you and I will be the Ultimate Legends!

How did we come face-to-face? Was it our destiny? (Was it our destiny?)
We might become the greatest heroes of the century!
Tomorrow, we'll be ready when things take a turn for the worse!
The time will come when we all save the universe!

Chorus 2:
I'll fight until the end!
And I'll look out for my friends
on whom I can depend!
I'll keep you safe and I won't leave you alone!
One of these days, we'll be the Ultimate Legends!

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