Behind-the-Scenes with Hennessy & JonOne

Hennessy, the world’s best-selling Cognac, is proud to announce urban artist JonOne as the designer of the 2017 Hennessy Very Special Limited Edition bottle. The custom-designed bottle, launching across the U.S. in July 2017, will be sold in almost 50 countries worldwide. The Limited Edition release by JonOne, which features a colorful, vibrant design, is the seventh in an ongoing series of collaborations between Hennessy V.S and several internationally renowned artists.
Hennessy sensed a kindred spirit in JonOne. Constantly on the move between his home in Paris, his native Harlem and cutting-edge art scenes all over the world, the street artist-turned-art-world phenomenon has always remained true to himself, pushing boundaries and defying definition. For JonOne, art is a vector for pure emotion. What drives him is being “in the flow” and “sharing dreams.”
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