Institut Marques Embryo Adoption


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Institut Marques Embryo Adoption

Institut Marquès presents the 1000th birth of its international embryo adoption programme. It is a baby girl called Georgina who, with 3,500 kg. of weight, was born in the town of Essex (UK) last February. Her mother decided to adopt an embryo at Institut Marquès, a clinic in Barcelona, after having performed several cycles of assisted reproduction without success in different centres. In June, an embryo that had been frozen for years was transferred; it came from the treatment of a couple who did not answer about the destination they wanted for their embryos and they were thus left under the custody of the clinic.
Kerry Andersen, Georgina's mother, is a midwife. A 45-year-old single woman who believes that this treatment has given her "the best of my life, which was the hope of being a mother. I am thrilled to think that my precious daughter is here thanks to the embryo adoption programme as I feel it is a very special way to enjoy motherhood. When I got to know this program, I did not hesitate to adopt an embryo”.
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