Flower #2

The flower is the reproductive organ of plant, which is a short offshoot with limited growth, chart specifically altered function. The primary function of the flower is a reproduction of plants. The flowers are unique to flowering plants. Uporednomorfološka tests have shown that the original color can be derived from phylogenetically sporofilnih flourish ferns. Stamens and Karp, as parts of the flower with a noteworthy role, homologous mikrosporofilima and makrosporofilima. In primitive angiosperms (Magnolia) can still be found elongated floral axis on which sporofili (stamens and Karp) spirally arranged, which resembles a primitive state in gymnosperms. On a more progressive stage occurs shortening sporofilne axis, reducing the number of sporofila and formed a complete perianth (perianth).

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