Olives from Spain presents the Mediterranean snack

Spring is one of the best times of the year to think about outdoor activities. Temperatures move away from the lower area of the thermometer but are not yet installed in the suffocating heat typical of summer. They are in their most friendly range. The awakening of flowers and plants turn nature into a colorful decoration, bathed in more hours of daylight. An invitation to prepare a thousand and one activities with friends or family.
When it comes to organizing any leisure plan outside, the more attention is paid to all the details, the more likely that the final result will be a success. When to go, what clothes to wear or what route to follow are some of the issues that the organizer has to consider. As regards the food to be prepared ... the answer lies in the olives. Thanks to the Mediterranean snack par excellence, what we carry in the bag will make the Trekking even healthier.
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