This Archaeological site locally known as Govinda Bhita is situated on the bank of river Karatoya out side the northern rampart wall of Mahasthangarh. The karatoya, a metrical sanskrit work of 12th-13th century mentions the temple (Govinda Bhita) on the northern limit of the holy city. Though tradition ascribes it was the temple of Govinda or Vishun but nothing came of light which may be associated with the vishnuvite character of the buildings.
Archaeological excavations were out here in 1928-29 and 1960 consequently the cultural objects of various periods commencing from 2nd century B.C. to Mohammedan occupation have been uncovered. but no significant architectural remains have been discovered before gupta era. The excavation have revealed the remains of two temples-eastern and western within a massive enclosure. These temples were constructed and reconstructed in 4 building phases commencing from Late Gupta period (6th century A.D)
Important antiquities discovered as Govinda Bhita includes cast copper coins, silver coins, terracotta, female figurines with sunga affinities, terracotta seal bearing Brahmi script and semi precious stone beads.

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