Unchained... Why?

I am falling down, unchained, now flying...

I see light where there is shadow...

I look at the shadow...

I look at the fire...

Inside me.... outside .... in this world !

I can't bare anymore watching the news... Why ???? Why must I always read death ! ?

I am unchained to this world ... I do not want it... No no... I don't want it...

I am writing these lines spontaneously.... few minutes ago, I switched on the TV, went to the News... and Sadness, Cries and Death were welcoming my eyes to be updated.

I don't understand... I am unchained... I am definitely unchained from this world.. I look at the fire in front of me, while falling down in the abyss ... Where no bounds will make me think of what happens...

Soon I will fell down as a feather, since the weight of angriness and misunderstanding will break apart from me and let me go..

I wish these lines will become true....




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published 2 years ago