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The view from my window looks like the most beautiful postcard with winter motifs.
I looked out the window and seeing the flakes that glisten in the light of street lamps. The branches received a beautiful white suit. Grass is covered a white bedspread, looks like the most beautiful white carpet. It reminds me of cotton candy. Everything is white, house roofs as if they received white hats. Green fir trees in the park with my beautiful white fur coat.
People walk the white blanket on the faces of a slight smile. It seems as if the snow is able to awaken in them that they have lost their childhood while growing up. Everything is somehow unreal, as beautiful as a fairy tale. So soft and fluffy gently.
It is so delightful view from my window that I momentarily forgot that I was in my warm room. As if I found myself in an an unreal world.

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published 2 years ago