this is link of my youtube channel, I will post videos about how to draw stuff,how to draw from different perspectives.....I will upload 2 times per week .If you love drawing or if you want to start to learn drawing make sure to subscribe.Now there is only one video but there will be more 100%.If you want you can send me some ideas of what i can make tutorial how to draw.I will post pictures of my drawing here for you to see how i draw and what will i draw in future if you like any picture and if you want me to make tutorial on it you can leave a comment.Make sure to subscribe and see some awesome videos.If you have friends that love drawing share my youtube page with them.Next video is going to be how to draw a BB8 and R2D2 from star wars .I will be getting new microfone so that i can make live commentary videos and that i can describe more what am i doing in each step that i draw.Thanks and please subscribe :D

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A superb drawing Well done.