Stone Age (Kurima, Papua, Indonesia)

Dani elderly man collecting leaves of tabacco near Kurima (Baliem Valley, Papua, Indonesia).
I met this compelling man while trekking across the valley. We have interacted only using hands and smiles. He offered me his leaves and I thanked giving him sugar and cigarettes.
It was a moment of great intensity and energy I won't forget anymore...
Dani use a limited number of tools made with stone, bone and bamboo. The most important on is the stone axe, they use to cut trees, to carve sticks, to plan aces and to break bones of pigs during the slaughter.
The introduction of the metal, brought by the Western civilizations, has made them to adopt the machete and the blades of steel for the work of sowing.

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That's right hartmut! Thanks for yr comment! Regards :)



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This excellent photo shows that we can still find any age we have gone through in our human history since we climbed out from the trees.