Experience SPARK by Cirque du Soleil

Celebrated worldwide as one of today’s leaders in entertainment, Cirque du Soleil is giving corporate groups the opportunity to “peek behind the curtain” with SPARK, extraordinary experiences designed to educate, inspire and transform organizational teams. Harnessing the company’s best practices to create customized, “wow moment” training modules, the exclusive workshops are custom-built to enhance creativity, innovation and synergy among other desirable workplace qualities. For more information, please visit cirquedusoleil.com.
“Companies have been asking us for years how we manage to spark the creativity that you see onstage,” said James Guilford, SPARK program manager at Cirque du Soleil. “SPARK programs are our way to bring people into the Cirque world while also creating some of the most interactive and educational teambuilding experiences right onstage. It’s our hope that SPARK will ignite innovation, thoughtfulness and curiosity in everyone who participates.”
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