Salad "Nice"

Salad «Nice»


Iceberg salad — 45 grams
Potatoes — 70 g
Tomatoes — 55 g
Green beans — 30 g
Chicken eggs — 1 PC.
Tuna (canned) — 40 g
Anchovy (canned) — 5 g
Olives (taggiasche) — 6 g
Olive oil — 3 g
Cream of black olives — 5 g
Mayonnaise — 40 g


1. Beans boiled until cooked. Lower green beans it is better to boiling water and cook for 5-6 minutes.
2. Put the beans on a plate.
3. Boil the potatoes.
4. Boil hard boiled eggs.
5. Lettuce cut into large chunks.
6. To lay out salad on a plate.
7. Cut the tomatoes into large wedges.
8. Place the tomatoes on the salad.
9. Cut into slices potatoes.
10. Put the potatoes and beans on the plate.
11. In the center of a plate to lay out the tuna.
12. Lay out anchovy fillet.
13. Decorate with olives.
14. Put the egg cut in half.
15. Pour the salad with olive oil.
16. Separately apply the sauce. For the sauce combine the cream of black olives and mayonnaise, mix well.

Bon appetit!

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