Tyulenovo - the sanctuary of the Bulgarian Black Sea coast Dotted with caves and low cliffs, once known as Kalic kyoy ("village of sickle"), or today Tyulenovo is located in Dobrich region, between Shabla and Kamen Bryag. An important fact in the annals of the area that in 1952 near the village marks the beginning of oil production in the country (the first drilling - on May 31, 1951). When drilling is open and sulfuric mineral water. Collected in tanks used in the past for oil, it is applied by tourists as "healing" shower (for neuralgia and kidney diseases). The coast here is 30 meters, as any place is named "Ashalak", "hole", "Cypria", "Martina", "Lonely", "Lonely rock". The original inhabitants of the village are Christians of Turkic origin, ie. Pomegranate. Gagauz. Gradually settled and many Bulgarians, mainly from Kotel.

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