How to send/receive any file between iOS and Android (no internet connection needed)

Find out the world’s fastest way to share photos, videos,musics, contacts and TXT, HTML, WORD,EXCEL,PPT,PDF, etc between iOS to Android devices. With this method you can Transfer HUGE files and videos in seconds… up to 40x faster than Bluetooth and much better than AirDrop.
Published on Jan 6, 2015(476 days ago)
In this video. I am going to show you how to transfer any file from Android to iOS devices and vice versa without any internet connection or bluetooth. It is done via the Android device's WiFi Hotspot. In either case (sending from Android to iOS and from iOS to Android), the application (SHAREit) shown in the video creates a hotspot on the Android device and everything is shared through it.
Download links ofSHAREit for different platforms:
SHAREit for Android:
SHAREit for iOS:
SHAREit for Windows Phone:
SHAREit for Windows:

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