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Palm trees (Arecaceae or Palmae) are a family of monocotyledonous plants, which the 189 genera with about 2360 species [1]. They live mostly wild in tropical and subtropical regions, and in other areas are grown as ornamental plants.

Palm trees are DRVOLIK, often very tall plants, which on top of the straight, stepped trunks carry čuperastu crown, composed of fan-shaped or pinnate leaves. The flowers are mostly single-pole, are gathered in panicle inflorescences, which are initially wrapped in a large leaf (spathe). The leaves are mostly green, very rare in any other color. Pollination is done via anemophily or entomofilije. The fruit is in most types of stone fruit.Because of its beauty and decorative palm trees are often planted as ornamental trees in parks and gardens in all areas with warm climates where they grow well.

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