Dijuri - The Spirit World Part 1, #mijwiz, #duduk, #meditative, #mystical, #spiritworld

This is part 1 of a short series I call, "The Spirit World". These songs are dedicated God and to all the Spirits that surround us everyday. Those within us, and those in the natural world. It's call Decent into the Unknown because it gives a feeling of passing on into the next world and seeing the Spirits. Or, one could translate this as meditating or though praying deeply into the unknown.

The movement has two parts; Decent and Discovery. Decent is the feeling of entering into the Spirit World and having a deep fear of wonder, excitement, and terror. Our Spirit moves though the darkness of the unseen, but can only feel. The second half is Discovery, realizing the first moment of coming out the other side. Seeing and hearing the Spirits.

Instuments used with respect is the Armenian Duduk, and the Egyptian Mijwiz. These two instuments are amazing,

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