Freedom form "Hearing-Centric Education"

You may remember the story of Israelites who were once slaves to Egyptians for 400 years. They were miraculously freed by the God-sent prophet Moses. Now, in the present-day period, the deaf students are like Israelites; they are, sadly, still enslaved to the “sound-obsessive” world since 1880 – the world created by the AGBell that is known as “hearing-centric” education! The deaf students deserve ASL spoken and written English education. They need a miracle - that will be YOU! You are the only key to help break the vicious cycle of brainwashing to an old perverse idea that the “sound” and “speech”are the only option for the deaf students. Let’s break it NOW! So deaf students can have “Deaf-centric” ASL spoken and written English education they truly need. And then they too can be free to speak in their own native sign language and build a better world for themselves and for their generations!

Older illustration by Tami Davidson

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Thank God that we are freed!