Phil Sebestian REVAMP SPEED ART! Changed the fb cover, banner, twitter header and the logo.

Sup my crew! Thanks for watching. Hope y'all enjoyed. Please click on the like👍 & subscribe button👆, & on the bell icon👆 if this was entertaining or helpful. More dope contents are coming up!!! Had to change the graphical elements. This rebrand means a lot to me because most of my previous works were based on pure aesthetics rather than actual graphic design. On this revamp video I reveal my new logo,YouTube banner, Twitter header and Facebook cover which represents my brand and brand identity. This speed art displays the design process of the YouTube banner only since the others also possess a similar style. All the graphic design elements used here were 2d since that's less resource intensive and saves time besides giving a clean formal look to my brand. This might not a be a "How to make a youtube banner tutorial video" but it displays my thought/creative/graphic design process. This was all about creating meaningful graphics which represents my brand. As I've already implied graphics design is not about creating things which just look good. It's about making important decisions on the graphic design software: Adobe Illustrator/ Corel Draw, Inkscape while keeping the design principles in mind. Versatility was a big challenge; I had to create a (corporate) brand logo, a youtube banner, twitter header, facebook cover for my social media account while creating meaningful designs. The design principles were kept in mind, so the grid and other researches on color theories, etc were used. Last but not least I do not think my work displays pure aesthetics or art but actual graphic design. Befriend me on Facebook: Follow me on Twitter: @DesG171 Connect with me on LinkedIn: Appreciate or critique my works on Behance: Click here to get a pdf of Adobe Photoshop CC 2015 Keyboard Shortcuts: Click here to get a pdf of Adobe Illustrator CC 2015 Keyboard Shortcuts:

Uploaded: Sep 26, 2017

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published 4 months ago