ASL as Language Arts (Updated)

For years the spoken English and other spoken languages (i.e. Japanese, French, Spanish and so forth) are freely offered as a language arts for hearing speaking spoken languages in their school.
ASL (American Sign Language), however, has been either banned or oppressed in ASL and written-English education especially for Deaf American students. Now, there are talks about offering ASL as language arts in classrooms for Deaf American students regardless of the level of their hearing loss. Even so, ASL is still not been recognized as language arts in any deaf educational settings in the USA…and it is 2016! (This applies to all other signed languages in the world...that is the Deaf students’ their native signed language and it should be offered as a language art as well in their own native signed language.)

Note: Please ignore the phrase: "Forbidden to use their native (signed) language." Should have replaced the word from “use” to “speak” and we will update it soon.

(Updated: Minor changes)

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