Mommy Loves Baby in CHINESE (妈妈爱宝贝)

妈妈爱宝贝 (2014) Mommy Loves Baby Chinese

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Mama voli Bebu na kineskom :)

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Dad & Baby - 吴家辉 Eric Goh Jia Hui
Mum - 吴敏慧 Priscilla Goh Miin-Huey

Chinese Translation by Eugene Goh's Fiverr gig:

兒童音樂, 童謠, 兒童歌曲, 兒童催眠歌曲, 催眠曲, 嬰兒催眠曲, 幼兒園, 完整電影, 免費, 免費歌曲, 免費電影, 幼兒電視, 兒童流行音樂, 幼兒流行音樂, 助眠, 兒童助眠, 小孩睡眠曲, 助眠音樂, 助眠歌曲, 安眠曲, 安眠音乐, 安眠歌曲, 儿童安眠

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Mommy Loves Baby - Special Normal Edition (2013):

Pupo della mamma (Mommy Loves Baby in Italian) 2014:

Mommy Loves Baby (2013):

Mama voli bebu (Mommy Loves Baby) 2013:

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Mommy Loves Baby (You're the Sun of Mine) CHINESE VERSION / Mama voli Bebu (2013) NA KINESKOM

Produced in 2014 by
Nykk Tomic // Deetronic Design Studio //

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Tech Info:

music: Renoise
sound recording & editing: Steinberg WaveLab
graphics: Adobe Illustrator & Adobe Photoshop
video: Adobe After Effects

Mama Voli Bebu // Mommy Loves Baby // Мама Воли Бебу // Мама любит ребенка // Мама любить дитину // Mom liebt Baby // Mama iubește copilul // 妈妈爱宝贝 // 엄마가 아기를 사랑합니다

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