Guaitarilla rural landscape (Colombia)

The "single spring '' only flowery valley", "garden alone", "only fertile soil" Guaitarilla comes from the Quechua word Incas own the family Quillacinga guai e illa, meaning "single / a" where are born previous interpretations or the literary of "flowery basket", plus guai expression is a root that indicates warmth, it really corresponds to the local climate, especially in summer seasons, thus also mean "Warm earth and Florida".

Another version is derived from the name of the indigenous nation Guaitaros, seated in the region. To split the original word in cool - ros, understood as adjective gives the cool - locals tar that is warm, flowery or people of much affection and illos = valley alone, the first versions would determine the children of the only flowery valley.

A third version would come from the family of the Guitarilla, name of the indigenous nation that inhabited the region, from the banks of the river of its name to the foothills of Azufral, by the sides of guaramuez and brotherhood, of whose families and last exist evidence Túquerres city.

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