What’s Driving Member Loyalty?

Community Brands, a technology-driven company that delivers purpose-built solutions for the world’s leading associations and nonprofits, announced today findings from its Member Loyalty Study: A Deep Dive into Member Preferences and Retention. This study explores what is driving retention among members of professional membership organizations, and the best ways for organizations to communicate their value.
“Far too few associations are proactive about identifying and acting upon retention warning signs until it’s a major problem for the organization,” said Amanda Myers, director of product marketing, member solutions for Community Brands. “In our study, we were able to identify four key metrics – satisfaction, likelihood to renew, connection, and likelihood to recommend the organization (Net Promoter Score) – to measure and segment members into groups, based on shared attitudes and values. Our hope is that associations benchmark their membership against our findings and identify new ways to nurture their members up the loyalty spectrum.”
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