Monument to the heroes , Monumentul Eroilor Bucharest , Romania

Monument to the heroes of the struggle for the freedom of the people and of the motherland, for socialism, Carol Park has been built since 1904 to 1906 to mark 1800 since the conquered Dacia, or the ancient Romania territory, 25 years since independence and royalty as a political regime under Carol I and 40 years since Carol himself became the King of Romania in 1866. The Carol Park in Bucharest opening was to be an exhibition on Filaret field which became the Field of Libery for that was the place where in 1821 one of the first Romanian revolutions, Tudor Vladimirescu’s revolt actually was kind of prepared. Works for Carol Park were started by Edouard Redont, a French specialist in parks and gardens, Mausoleul din Parcul Carol din Bucureşti -Monumentul eroilor luptei pentru libertatea poporului și a patriei, pentru socialism, monumentul are o înălțime de 48 de m, numărul anilor de domnie a lui Carol I, from this monument you can see the Anonymous Hero Monument, built in 1963 as the monument of the heroes who fought for the liberty of the people and of the country and for socialism. It is indeed massive even for the great Carol Park, with five 48 m high red granite arcs

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