Zvornik in Bosnia and Herzegovina

Zvornik is first mentioned in 1410, although it was known as Zvonik ("bell tower") at that time. The town's geographic location has made it an important trade link between Bosnia and the east. For instance, the main road connecting Sarajevo and Belgrade runs through the city.

The medieval fort known as Kula grad was built in the early 7th century and still stands on the Mlađevac mountainous range overlooking the Drina Valley
The old bridge in Zvornik is the common name for the iron bridge on the Drina River and connects Zvornik, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Mali Zvornik, Serbia. The official name of the bridge Alexander I Karadjordjevic.
It was built in 1929. Prior to that, in the same place existed wooden bridge that is swollen Drina significantly damaged. When it was over, carriages at him brought 30 tons of stone to test its capacity. After fifteen days the stone was removed and the bridge was opened to traffic. It was named after the name of King Alexander I of Yugoslavia, whose funds helped build the bridge. Most at the beginning of World War II destroyed, but in June 1946 renewed when it changed its name to Bridge Philip Kljajića Fiće (the national hero of the War of National Liberation). The old name was returned to him in 2009.

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