How to Hide Files and Folders on your Windows

Need to hide files and folder quickly on your Windows PC? Well, here`s a very simple way using software "Wise Folder Hider". Enjoy.

STEP 1 - Install software "Wise Folder Hider" from
STEP 2 - Launch Wise Folder Hider on the windows computer and create a login password
STEP 3 - Click “Hide File” to select the file you want to hide. Of course you can drag and drop it directly.
STEP 4 - It allows you to temporarily view hidden files, unhide hidden files, or set a secondary password at any time when you log in Wise Folder Hider.
STEP 5 - When you open a file, its status will become visible; when you close Wise Folder Hider, it status will become hidden automatically. Here we set a secondary password for the file.
STEP 6 - After you set the secondary password for a file, the "Lock" will be "yes".

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