Ameraucana Chicken Hen

The Ameraucana chicken is an American breed developed in U.S. in the 1970s, which is derived from the Araucana from Chile. These chickens were bred to maintain the blue-egg gene without lethal alleles from the parent breed. This breed of chicken is referred to as an "easter egger" due to their colorful egg varieties, which includes; blue, green, pink, and numerous other colors.

To further clarify, the Ameraucana is the orange chicken in this picture. Our Ameraucana chickens have recently began laying eggs. So far we have thirteen eggs in stock and more to come! I'll probably be able to collect some of their colorful eggs tomorrow morning.

Also it appears that the silkie that we thought was a Black Cochin may actually be a Black Orphington. It's pretty mind boggling at how this chicken looks like a number of other breeds. We're also waiting on her to start laying eggs.

Pretty interesting stuff isn't it?
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