Icy Lake, Hrvatska (Croatia), Gorski kotar, Lokvarsko jezero

Icy Lake, Hrvatska (Croatia), Gorski kotar, Lokvarsko jezero

Lokve (Italian: Loque) is a Croatian municipality of Primorje–Gorski Kotar County. With an area of 42 km2 its total population amounts of 1,049.[1]

The municipality is located in the mountainous region of Gorski kotar. The Lokve lake (Lokvarsko jezero) is located between the settlements of Homer and Mrzla Vodica.

The settlements in the municipality are:[1]

Homer, population 272
Lazac Lokvarski, population 18
Lokve, population 584
Mrzla Vodica, population 16
Sleme, population 104
Sopač, population 39
Zelin Mrzlovodički, population 16

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