2015 Marin Bobcat trail 7.4 Mountain Bike Spec


• 100mm Fork w/ Hydraulic Lock-out and Pre-load
• 27 Speed Shimano Rapid Fire Drivetrain
• Tektro Auriga Hydraulic Disc Brakes
• Lightweight Alloy Frame and Part-Kit

Like it’s big brother the Trail 9.4, the Bobcat Trail 7.4 is the complete mountain bike. the 27.5” wheel means the bike is still very nimble in a tight off road setting, but being bigger than an older 26” wheel it will have a speed advantage when the trail straightens out. The 7.4 features a manipulated, butted and ‘shot’ hardened alloy frame, which is light but still incredibly durable. The 27-speed shimano drivetrain will give you the right gear for any terrain, whilst the new generation of Tektro hydraulic brakes are powerful and reliable in any condition. this is an excellent trail bike that is often mistaken for a much more expensive rig, it’s light, well equipped and reliable, it just wants to get out and hit some dirt.

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