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Fir is an evergreen tree up to 50 meters.

All species of this genus are high evergreen trees of the temperate regions of the Northern Hemisphere. Pine has about 40 species. Ramified in whorls. Twigs they generally do not more. Needles are the platelet-expanded base. Needle notch is shallow and rounded

and therefore twigs smooth. BARK is a long smooth, greyish, with many resin bag. Male flowers are in the axils of upper needles, and the women on the shoot. Cones are erect, cylindrical, mature in the same year, disintegrate and leave only the spindle. Cover the shell of various length, tight and leathery. Seed scales are broadly rounded. On these two seeds. The seed is incorrect, triangular, abundant resin blisters; wing it enveloped on both sides.

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