Perfect Morning of My Baby Blue

Wake up in the morning check my bag , there is camera or not ... Hahahaha , not like yesterday i took this picture :D .. I`ve been on the spot when i open my camera , then I'm forget if night before was upload to my laptop so i put under the table ... Damn , hahaahaha ... So after i check my bag there is camera inside then i run a bit then take my motorbike after drive to this spot i want day before i took this . I park my bike after that i walk in the black flurry to my baby blue , what is this spot a bit danger because lots of snake and crab also hard walk . So this spot is Hard for me but fine also , if we can be one with around us :)

Anyway after i see My Baby Blue , i can see very clear beautiful sky with red colours ... Awesome , then i took panorama shot . But on way processing some boat is pass so make a bit shaking but its okay i love it ;) , Lucky me :)
If anyone need tour Landscape Photography while in Bali , can contact me as person on fb : Bertoni Siswanto or mail me :

Enjoyed my photography and God Bless You All

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