Renault clio

Renault clio

The Renault Clio is a supermini car, produced by the French automobile manufacturer Renault. It was launched in 1990, and was in its fourth generation in 2012. The Clio has had substantial critical and commercial success, being consistently one of Europe's top-selling cars since its launch,[1] and it is largely credited with restoring Renault's reputation and stature after a difficult second half of the 1980s. The Clio is one of only two cars, the other being the Volkswagen Golf, to have been voted European Car of the Year twice, in 1991 and 2006.

The Clio is sold as the Renault Lutecia (ルノー ルーテシア Runō Rūteshia?)[2] in Japan because Honda retains the rights to the name Clio after establishing the Honda Clio sales channel in 1984.
The Clio IV was introduced at the September–October 2012 Paris Motor Show,[31] and began marketing a month later. It is available in hatchback body style and starting from early 2013 also as an estate.[32] It is manufactured in Flins, France, and in Bursa, Turkey,[33] where the estate will particularly be assembled.[34]

A notable difference from the previous generation is the wheelbase, which has been significantly extended and is now near to the one of a compact car. The length and the width have also been increased, but less significantly.[35]

The Clio IV features new equipment such as hands-free, rear camera connectivity with more than 50 applications (Renault R-Link infotainment system, powered by Android & TomTom)[36] and a six-speed double clutch automatic gearbox that will be available starting early 2013.[37]

The range of petrol engines consists of two options: a 1.2-litre 16 valve straight-4 engine, with a maximum power output of 75 hp (56 kW), and a turbocharged 0.9-litre 12 valve straight-3 engine, developing 90 hp (67 kW), which can have a CO2 emission level of 99 g/km. A second version of the 0.9-litre engine, with a peak power of 120 hp (89 kW), will be introduced in early 2013. A turbocharged 1.6-litre four-cylinder engine, capable of producing 197 hp (147 kW), will be featured on the Renault Sport version.[38]
The diesel range has two versions of the 1.5 dCi straight-4 engine, one of 75 hp (56 kW) and one of 90 hp (67 kW), which can have a CO2 emission level of 83 g/km.[39]
Engine Code Displacement Power Torque Top speed 0–100 km/h Combined consumption CO2 emissions
Petrol engines
0.9 12v Energy TCe H4Bt 400 898 cc 90 hp (67 kW) at 5250 rpm 135 N·m (100 lb·ft) at 2500 rpm 182 km/h (113 mph) 12.2 s 4.5 l/100 km (63 mpg-imp) 104 g/km
0.9 12v Energy TCe 99g 185 km/h (115 mph) 13.0 s 4.3 l/100 km (66 mpg-imp) 99 g/km
1.2 16v 75 D4F 740 1,149 cc 75 hp (56 kW) at 5500 rpm 107 N·m (79 lb·ft) at 4250 rpm 167 km/h (104 mph) 15.4 s 5.5 l/100 km (51 mpg-imp) 127 g/km
Diesel engines
1.5 8v dCi 75 K9K 612 1,461 cc 75 hp (56 kW) at 4000 rpm 200 N·m (148 lb·ft) at 1750 rpm 168 km/h (104 mph) 14.3 s 3.6 l/100 km (78 mpg-imp) 95 g/km
1.5 8v Energy dCi 90 K9K 608 90 hp (67 kW) at 4000 rpm 220 N·m (162 lb·ft) at 1750 rpm 178 km/h (111 mph) 11.7 s 3.4 l/100 km (83 mpg-imp) 90 g/km
1.5 8v Energy dCi 90 83g 180 km/h (112 mph) 12.1 s 3.2 l/100 km (88 mpg-imp) 83 g/km

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