A specific emotion

The one who transform your smile into a shapes like you desire to be when you look at the sky at this semi-circle...

I was with my two parents and my two other brothers. I was walking beside them passing beside the eye of london and relieved that our feet would finally relax in peace at home.

At the same time, our eyes where everywhere, as the beauty of the night queen is so overwhelming of colours, lights, perspective.

I felt as aspired by this vision... I was looking straight first... then my pupils retracted as the light above my head was intensively asking me to come.

Without a word. My head made a movement corresponding to a half circle from left to right and coming back rest.

I ran and my direction was related to my eyes... I climbed upstairs and finally stop.

Took out my tripod, putting it at the middle, setting my camera on and waited 30 secondes.

I felt at this right moment the reward I will receive and thus the reward fo this specific emotion.


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Tags: London, Bridge, People, Street, Urban geometry, Light, Long-exposure, Motion, Night, UK

published 2 years ago