patchwork of autumn colors IMAG0134

While so I sit and watch the colorful autumn colors to reach me smells of autumn. The air smell the moisture mixed with the scent of ripe fruit. I smell yellow quince, apple, pear and grape vineyards full. In the distance I hear the birds chirping. Small sparrows chattering beneath the eaves. Bend their nests and twittering to greet friends who go on a long journey in search of the sun.
I do not know whether the autumn fairy in yellow dress with a magic wand all around turns in copper and gold, or a painter with brush and palette of beautiful colors. All I know is that the rich and powerful. It creates a realm of nature colorful fallen leaves, and children donated baskets filled with chestnut and fruit. I love to watch them fall arrives, I love her powerful spells.

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published 2 years ago