Will Grayson, cat Gustav and Bubbly chocolate! :D

Will Grayson, cat Gustav and Bubbly chocolate! :D

What a great day! Spending it to read a fantastic book "will grayson, will grayson" (in native language "vil grejson, vil grejson". While eating Bubbly chocolate and hang out with my cat Gustav :D Btw, you must read it book, it's awesome! It's about two boys with same name and surname - Will Grayson. First Will is cool teen who has lot of friends, likes to hang out (not so popular in school)... And he has his best friend - the biggest guy he had ever met! Another Will drinks coffee all the day, listen music, likes to spend his time with his mother and have just one friend. :)

Oh, and you need to try Bubbly chocolate too! xD

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