【Splatoon SFM Preview】 Ngyes boy raids turf war 【+ SFM Mocap test】


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【Splatoon SFM Preview】 Ngyes boy raids turf war 【+ SFM Mocap test】

So I decided to try out some Splatoon SFM motion capture stuff. And I'm happy with the results! Could use some extra work. But... whatever!

I was going to do a dual Kinect method. But my USB controller is being a jerk to me and won't let me use the second Kinect for iPi Recorder. So I'll have to get a new one soon!

And another thing! I was originally gonna finish the motion. And my friend's inksona, add more characters & do some motion capture to them. But my trial for iPiSoft is expiring. So... yeah!

What do you think? Should I do more mocap stuff like this in the future? I might become the first Splatoon SFM animator to use a mocap system!


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