Veiled chameleon portrait from the Terraplaza

On last weekend we visited the Terraplaza at Lurdy House, Budapest. It's a bourse for lizards, snakes, spiders, fishes and a lot more species what are keepable in a terrarium or aquarium. So it's a wonderful place to get to know these animals. At there we found some chameleons and shot some great photos - this is one of them.

Veiled chameleons are one of about 80 species of Old World chameleons, also called true chameleons. They are aggressive and brightly colored. They have a casque, a helmet-like ridge, on top of their heads, which is a tiny swelling as a hatchling, but grows to two inches (5 cm) in height as the animal matures. As hatchlings, they are usually a pastel green, but as they mature they acquire bold bands of bright gold, green, and blue, mixed with yellow, orange, or black, that circle their body. The males are usually more strikingly colored than the females, which are usually shades of green mottled with shades of tan, orange, white, and sometimes yellow.

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Camera: Canon EOS 700D / Rebel T5i
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Apperture: f/4.0
Exposure time: 1/100
ISO: 400

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