The white storks, Ciconia ciconia , municipality Krivogastani , Macedonia

The white stork , Ciconia ciconia they fly with their necks outstretched south from their summer breeding grounds in Europe in August and September, heading for Africa spending the winter in savannah from Kenya and Uganda south to the Cape Province of South Africa so in spring, the birds return north recording from Sudan and Egypt from February to April and they arrive back in Europe around late March and April after an average journey of 49 days but the autumn journey is completed in about 26 days , to avoid a long sea crossing over the Mediterranean, birds from central Europe either follow an eastern migration route by crossing the Bosphorus to Turkey, traversing the Levant, then bypassing the Sahara Desert by following the Nile valley southwards, or follow a western route over the Strait of Gibraltar so these migration corridors maximise help from the thermals and thus save energy , the eastern route is by far the more important with 530,000 white storks using it annually, making the species the second commonest migrant there (after the European honey buzzard) , the eastern route is twice as long as the western, but storks take the same time to reach the wintering grounds by either

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