Mahota.SG's Entrance at Kitchener Road, Singapore - myQute sell a lot more organic seeds than any other shops I know in SG. They also have organic wine, organic coffee (frozen right after grinding so they do not become rancid / cancer-causing).

Although most commercial bottled juices are pasteurized which kills a lot of vitamins, they give consumers an idea how juices taste like when they juice and drink at home.

Currently, I do not see selling juicers or food blenders at the moment.

In future, cooking shows or lessons would be lined up. They have a room for yoga and other future holistic and naturopathic events.

This place is GREAT - comes with an area for fine dining (not vegan though although organic coffee and pizza have vegan options) and kids' corner, PLUS 3 rooms for breastfeeding in private.

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