Childhood Stories & a Burmese Cupboard - Part 3

I remember i am here to tell you about my Childhood memories associated with the image of the Cupboard, hereby, i refer as the Burmese Cupboard.

Well, back those days ( circa 1920's), i was told by my Granny, that Bengali Gentlemen who were educated and somewhat elegant were measured through their acquisition of wood carvings and furnitures ( funny right? In today's time it's much more with the way furniture are arranged ) in their houses. And my Grandfather was not an exception, too! I was laughing my heart out to know that my Granny's father decided to get my Granny married to my Grandfather only because of four things that his house had - My Grandfather, His impressive Library, His Burmese Teak bed and finally his Burmese Sal ( a type of exotic wood from Burma) Cupboard.

Now, when i look back, i still have fond memories of the five most precious things of my childhood. Fifth being my Granny. But, Now, when i look forward i only have few images of that Burmese Cupboard and Burmese Bed with me. And rest all are gone!

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