Ansambl KOLO igra sa Stare planine #1

Kolo ensemble of folk dances and songs of Serbia, founded in the 15th, 1948 in Belgrade (name Tur got 1953), is composed of professional dancers and musicians. His task, artistically interpret formerly Yugoslavia, and today mainly Serbian folk dances at home and abroad, the ensemble very successfully realized in numerous concerts in Serbia and in many cities all continents. That earned him a worldwide reputation, numerous awards and prizes, including three first prizes at the world competition in Llangollen (United Kingdom, 1951), the Order of Merit with gold stars up (1968), Award for best musical and theatrical creation in Belgrade (1978), Vuk's Award (1979) and others. Today the Ensemble Kolo only institution in Serbia in the field of stage-musical activities that preserve, nurture and presents traditional art through play, song, music and customs.

The founder, first director, artistic director and choreographer of the most prolific was from 1948 to 1965. Olga Skovran, and she inherited from 1966 to 1969. Dobrivoje Putnik, Dragomir Vukovic from 1970 ... until the current director Radojica Kuzmanovic.

Among the contributors highlighted the prominent composers Kresimir Baranović, Ljubomir Bošnjaković, Stevan Hristić, Michael Logar, Stanojlo Rajičić, Josip Slavenski, Mihailo Vukdragović, Milenko Zivkovic et al., Among choreographers Milica Elijah, John Ivančan Iko Otrin, Mira Sanjin, A . Zic et al.

Since its establishment Ensemble Kolo persevered in an effort to raise the national game to the level of high artistic interpretation. Programs Ensemble Kolo largely represent a model, the model stage etnoprikazivanja, combining the basic values ​​of traditional culture. In order to be always started from the authentic creativity and allocated to what is the essence and core of folk art. The works are processed with full responsibility to the National creator and adapting stage conditions.

The wheel has 80 employees with artistic corpus of which is 65 artist-performer in the 55 years of the repertoire of the ensemble Kolo included more than 120 choreographies, while today Kola repertoire includes over 40 choreographic works of all ethnochoreological area of ​​Serbia and Montenegro, as well as areas from the former Yugoslavia in which he lives or has lived Serbian population (eg. Gipsy game from [[Vojvodina | Vojvodina, Shepherd's rally - triple games from Krajina, from Podgrmečja Games, Games of Stara Planina, dances from Serbia, Serbian games from Prizren, Wedding Customs from the village Koretište, What shines in Jovin's house, Cheerful šopske games ...).

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