Jajce Fortress

Jajce Fortress is a fortress in Jajce, Bosnia and Herzegovina. It was built around the fourteenth century, but it was many times repaired and rebuilt.

The fortress was built by Hrvoje Vukčić Hrvatinić, the founder of Jajce. It was the seat of the kings, who engraved their coat of arms on the castle. A part of the wall was found by the Hungarian King and the Ottomans made the powder magazine. The walls are high and the castle was built on a hill that is egg shaped, the rivers Pliva and Vrbas also protect the castle. There is no rampart on the southeast, but the windows and porches are looking on this side. The whole area is geographically and historically interesting.

Jajce was the last Bosnian town that, in 1528, fell into the hands of the Ottoman Empire.

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