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Old Srebrenik, or srebrenik fortress was first mentioned in ancient 1333 years, when the then ruler of the Bosnian Ban Stjepan Kotromanić signed a memorandum with the Dubrovnik Republic of "renting" of Ston, peninsula, coatings and some other parts of the Dubrovnik Republic.

The inaccessibility of the tower resisted the numerous armies. The old town is built on a rock that rises from the surrounding terrain in the amount of about 50 to 70 m. The upper plateau of the rock is uneven and cleft. The height difference between the lowest and highest point of the tower is about 13 m.

Srebrenica tower is one of the best preserved medieval fortress in Bosnia and Herzegovina and was the home of Bosnian Ban Stjepan Kotromanić until his death in 1353 years.

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