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Community Sport Association Osijek founded on 14 September 1961 as the Union of Organizations of Physical Culture of the Municipality of Osijek. After the democratic changes, was named Sports Federation Municipality Osijek to the decision of 22 December 1997 came to life Community Sport Association of the City of Osijek, registered in the Register of Associations of the Republic of Croatia 28. January 1998.

The objectives and tasks of the Community are determined by Article 48, paragraph 3, of the Sports Act (Official Gazette 71/06):

"Stewards of the community in its scope coordinate activities of its members, and promote sports in accordance with the National Sports Programme, especially sports for children, youth and students and people with disabilities, combine and harmonize sports programs and propose a program of public needs in sports and participate in the exercising, being of categorized athletes and their acts to determine the scope and manner of exercising their rights and participate in the creation of conditions for their preparation for the Olympic games, European and World championships and other major international competitions, participate in the achievement of the program of the Croatian Olympic Committee or the Croatian Paralympic Committee and the Croatian deaf sports association, promote expert work in sports and participate in maintaining public sports facilities.

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