Logo Design Process + Adobe Illustrator Speed Art: Simply Soccer Proposed Logo Rebrand/Revamp


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Logo Design Process + Adobe Illustrator Speed Art: Simply Soccer Proposed Logo Rebrand/Revamp

Simply Soccer is a YouTube Channel which uploads videos on football/soccer. Here he (David McEwen) creates videos on soccer drills, soccer skills, soccer tips, soccer motivation and much more! He works hard to make enthusiasts a better soccer player and keep you improving so you can reach the next level. His goal is to help you become a better soccer player/football player/footballer/baller that improves their game and stands out on the pitch! He wants to help you become a high level player, college stand out or even professional soccer player! Link to Simply Soccer's channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UChsEBe5fZjkPaddgX_9uCNg/

This project was a bit different. I reached out to David McEwen aka Simply Soccer on Jun 14 2017. He did acknowledge the fact that he needed a new logo and a banner. Hence, he accepted my offer and I'm quite grateful for that. I sent him a sports logo sample a few days later and he agreed to it. However, after having it critiqued I made changed the logo and sent him the logo samples. Unfortunately, he did not respond. I think he was quite busy so he couldn't reply. I believe he might have sorted my e-mails to a different folder and soon had forgotten about this. To err is human. Anyway, a lot has happened since then.

I've made this speed art to display my improvements and also to let Mr. Dave know about this. I believe he's gonna like the logo.

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