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Domestic cat (Felis silvestris catus form), the most common house cat or cat is a small carnivorous feline. Originally derived from the African wild cat, and live with people for about 3,500 years.

Cat is one of the most popular pets. 69 million cats living in American homes [2] which are very popular, and worldwide there are more than 600 million cats. [3]

There are many different breeds of domestic cats, racial and ordinary, but there are also tailless or hairless cats, due to mutations. Name of domestic cat is used for cats, which is more or less "voluntary" living in direct contact with people and is considered to have voluntarily domesticated because they are near human dwellings easily come to prey (such as mice). They are different from wild cats (the material easier and less aggressive) and big cats (less and can mew, unlike most big cats). They are skilled predators and very intelligent animals. Some of them can be learned (sometimes can teach themselves) to run simple mechanisms, such as door handles or knobs on the toilet tank. Cats communicate by voice (meows), spinning, snort, growl and snap, and body language. [4] cats that live in groups use a combination of voice and body language for communication with each other. [5]

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