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Petrovac (pronounced [pětrɔ̝v̞at͡s]; or Petrovac na Moru (Serbian Cyrillic: Петровац на Мору, Italian: Castellastua) is a coastal town in Montenegro, within Budva Municipality.

Petrovac is located on the coast between Budva and Bar, where the old mountain road from Podgorica reaches the coast. It has a 600 metre long sandy beach and it is a popular tourist destination. Petrovac is seen as a somewhat "calmer" resort, in contrast to the lively and developed nearby towns of Budva and Sutomore.Between the two world wars, Petrovac was famous as a popular destination for wealthy tourists from (the former) Yugoslavia. Petrovac is today a popular summer beach resort, its visitors coming predominantly from Montenegro and Serbia. Tourist accommodation has expanded greatly in recent years, although less obtrusively than at Budva and the quality has also improved in response to market demand. The resort's main attraction is its beach. There is a night club in the old castello.

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