Spirit in my area (Ilija Smith)

Many people do not believe in the paranormal and ghosts,
in heaven or hell.Maybe it’s all a figment of imagination,
Perhaps we think that we have and actually we have no
and maybe we were just a dream in someone’s mind.
While sleeping or awake miracles happen before our eyes.
Whether we see it or not there are miracles
Maybe it’s not any miracles, we might have these miracles we wonder.
With all this, and still the question “Are there or no?”
Is there a heaven, angels, demons, hell, spirits, good and evil fairies,
magic and all eye visible and invisible?
If there are where they are, and if no why they are not?
Who then displays that frighten children and adults?
If there are angels who were then spirits with wings?
If there is a demon which is then evil men lurking?
If there is no God to whom we pray,
and if there is why the few answers prayer?
So day after day, to infinity there will be unanswered questions and answers
before of the question.
Below are photos never before published and anyone
disclosed.All taken in the village of Kostrč municipality Orasje
where clean and nice see a spiritual being;cell phone pictures of Ilija Smith.
In the place where it happened, she lived a family who is divorced,
Swiss woman jumped over the rail,died on the spot, Granma is hung in the shed,
man day and night getting drunk and committed suicide gun.
Earth’s next-door neighbor bought.He knocked down all the build farm for bulls in the country.
While the family was living much cursed,grandmother is famous for fortune-telling, watching the cup and the expulsion of fear.


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