Vitality by killat0n

Vitality is a Quake 4 frag movie featuring a collection of the best frags sent in by the community. I tried to show off what quake 4 (1.3) is really about. Hope everyone enjoys the movie!

Featuring: Airrick, bab, bolltic, chance, Clamp-OK ,dakilla, dape, dav, fojji, Freelance, griffin, hejin, judge, killat0n, kn1ves, Lenny, lepow, Morrigu, naymlis, neRo, Nukm, PURRI, Putka, Sandman, sorax, stermy, streetrunner, wakka, ztrider

Running Time - 11 minutes and 47 seconds
Codec Required - x264
Resolutions - 1280x720 (HQ) 800x450 (MQ)

WARNING The High Quality (x264) version requires a pretty fast CPU for proper playback due to its high bitrate(4000) and high resolution (1280x720). Most people would be better off downloading the Medium Quality version which still looks pretty good. Please download the HQ version if you are sure that your computer can handle it (typically atleast 2.5ghz and up).

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Uploaded: Sep 21, 2011

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published 6 years ago